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  • L.E. Usha Vetra Plus

    L.E. Usha Vetra Plus

    2744 2800

    Low power consumption

    Wide tip blades for high air delivery and air spread

    Electroplated decoration for elegant looks

  • L.E. Usha Raphael

    L.E. Usha Raphael

    2254 2300

    Usha Raphael three layered metallic finish for stunning glossy look

    High performance thermo setting acrylic paint

    Uniquely designed parallel blades that enable high air displacement

  • L.E. Surya Udaan

    L.E. Surya Udaan

    1764 1800

    Type: Ceiling Fan

  • L.E. Surya Udaan

    L.E. Surya Udaan

    1764 1800

    Brand: Suyra

  • L.E. Crompton Sea Wind

    L.E. Crompton Sea Wind

    1455 1500

    Experience a cool, breezy atmosphere

    Simple design for simple lifestyles

  • L.E. Crompton Hill Brezee

    L.E. Crompton Hill Brezee

    1406 1480

    Bearing: Double ball bearing

    Number of Blades: 3

  • L.E. Crompton Cool Brezee Plus

    L.E. Crompton Cool Brezee Plus

    1666 1700

    Type: Ceiling Fan

    Motor Speed: 340 RPM

  • L.E. Crompton Amour Fan

    L.E. Crompton Amour Fan

    2450 2500

    A fan, which is like quintessential avancer

    Incorporates power, grandeur and sheer elegance