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  • L.E. Caps Chimney

    L.E. Caps Chimney

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  • Chimney rhino plus

    Chimney rhino plus

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    Itís very important and essential to have a safe and efficient way to control the exhaust of harmful gases from the kitchen. A lot of smoke is produced while cooking, especially while frying. Having a reliable chimney system is a must in every kitchen.

  • Chimney reflection

    Chimney reflection

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    Technical Specification Width (cm) - 60 Suction (m3/hr) - 1200 Motor (W) -190 Baffle Filter (Nos) - 1

  • Chimney desire

    Chimney desire

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    Are you standing by the stove with the steam and heat taking the joy of cooking away? Bring home a chimney from our variety of styles and designs and watch it pull out the heat in seconds.

  • Chimney Ace

    Chimney Ace

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    Modern styling to fit a variety of kitchen decors. Removes smells and odors with ease for a clean kitchenand Ducted range hood vents outside and away from your home.