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  • Milton Kool Musafir 7.5

    Milton Kool Musafir 7.5

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    The Milton Kool Musafir is a sturdy, insulated jug that it keeps liquids hot or cold for hours, and provides a smooth, hassle-free pour from a tap towards the bottom. Featuring a sturdy base and integrated carry handle on top, this beverage carrier is perfect for picnics and catered functions.

  • Milton Kool Musafir 5

    Milton Kool Musafir 5

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    Now you can carry cool drinking water with you in the Milton Kool Musafir water jug and stay hydrated wherever you go. You can use this water jug at home, outdoors and even while travelling. Milton Musafir Kool water jug has a capacity for 10 litres, which is sufficient for carrying water for a significant part of the day without refills.

  • Aquaguard RO Reviva nxt

    Aquaguard RO Reviva nxt

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    Ideal for homes that have high TDS levels in water. It comes equipped with a unique RO membrane that removes excess TDS and blocks impurities and chemical contaminants dissolved in water.