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  • Lion Arabian Dates - 500 Gm Pack (1+1)

    Lion Arabian Dates - 500 Gm Pack (1+1)

    लायन अरेबियन डेट्स

    Rs 176 Rs 176 500 gm

    Lion Arabian Dates

  • Goldiee Gulab Jamun Powder

    Goldiee Gulab Jamun Powder

    गोल्डीी गुलाब जामुन पाउडर

    Rs 82 Rs 82 400gm


  • Tops Gulab Jamun Instant Mix

    Tops Gulab Jamun Instant Mix

    टॉप्स गुलाब जामुन इंस्टेंट मिक्स

    Rs 80 Rs 80 200gm


  • Patanjali Honey

    Patanjali Honey

    पतंजलि हनी

    Rs 70 Rs 70 Rs 134 Rs 135 Rs 255 Rs 260

    Patanjali honey has fructose, minerals, vitamins and natural nutritious elements. It is a good quality anti septic and blood refi nor.

  • Dabur Honey

    Dabur Honey

    डाबर हनी

    Rs 49 Rs 49 Rs 190 Rs 380

    Dabur honey is probably one of healthiest substitutes for refined sugar with a wholesome natural goodness procured from the purest of sources from the forests of Sundarbans and Himalayas and other regions.

  • Haldirams Gulab Jamun

    Haldirams Gulab Jamun

    हल्दीराम गुलाब जामुन

    Rs 206 Rs 210 Rs 206 Rs 210 1kg

    Drenched in sugar syrup, this sinfully sweet dessert and tea-time snack is a must try! Haldiram’s Gulab Jamuns are immensely popular in India and each bite just melts in your mouth. They are often served hot with ice cream.

    2% Off 2% Off
  • Patanjali Rasgulla

    Patanjali Rasgulla

    पतंजलि रसगुल्ला

    Rs 150 Rs 150 1kg

    Patanjali Rasgulla is an amazing sweet organic product made by patanjali. This is one of the best rasgulla available in the market today. These rasgullas are prepared in sugar syrup with added rose flavour.



    हल्दीराम रसगुल्ला

    Rs 200 Rs 200 1kg

    Haldirams Rasgulla, Indian sweets.

  • Haldiram Soan Papadi

    Haldiram Soan Papadi

    हल्दीराम सोएं पपड़ी

    Rs 71 Rs 71 Rs 130 Rs 250